Freight Toboggan Packing System

Duffel bags, hockey bags, tarps, bungee cords, carabiners….we all pack our gear in different ways and hope it stays where it belongs.  If you are like me, I always find 5 minutes down the trail I have to stop to adjust everything I thought was strapped down solid when I left camp!  Having a water bottle held by a carabiner clipped to whatever you can clip it to, with a bungee cord holding your camera bag down and a duffel bag bulging over the side of the toboggan catching drag drives me crazy!

Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. is now offering a packing system designed with easy packing and efficiency in mind.  Toboggan tanks and top bags keep your gear in place, contained and packed properly.  Toboggan tanks allow you to load all of your camp gear and personal belongings you don’t need while trekking into a streamlined bag with an easy to use closure system.  Tanks are strapped down with the main lash line.  The top bags sit on-top of the tank and have their own straps fixed directly to the toboggan.  This allows access unhindered by the main lash strap.  The top bag is where your change of clothes, lunch, camera, first aid kit, drinks, maps, anything you need during the day gets packed.  No more unstrapping everything to find an extra pair of socks or dig out your camera!

Check out the webpage for more details on our new packing systems.

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