Toboggan Accessories

Lashing System

Have a toboggan and need a lashing system?  We have kits for 8 and 10 foot toboggans including tail rings, webbing loops/rings, cam buckle straps and lash webbing.  All O-rings are solid brass and buckles are stainless steel with 1″ webbing

8 foot toboggan kit includes 2 tail rings, 2 cam buckle straps, 4 lash tabs/rings and 32 feet of webbing – $70.00

10 foot toboggan kit includes 2 tail rings, 2 cam buckle straps, 6 lash tabs/rings and 40 feet of webbing – $85.00

Lash Strap Slides

Need some extra lash points to strap down your load? We have solid brass O-ring slides ready to strap onto your running lines.  Simply attach these to the running lines using a prusik knot and slide them to where you need them.

Set of eight slides – $30.00

Tump Strap/Line

Across your chest, over your shoulder or around your waist, however you haul, our tumps are a comfortable, simple and efficient way to do it.  The Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. tump strap kit includes a 4.5′ tump strap with solid brass D-rings and 21′ of 4mm cord.


Bottle Insulator

No more frozen drinks! The Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. water bottle insulator has 1/2″ of high density closed cell foam to keep your liquids hot or cold throughout the day. These insulators fit a standard 1 L wide mouth water bottle. The foam is removable for easy cleaning and we have added some D rings to lash it wherever you want it!

Standard 1L size – $50
Custom sizes available.

Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. Stickers

Stickers! Who doesn’t like stickers? Water bottles, bumpers, gear, whatever! 3″ scratch resistant, weatherproof, dish washer safe vinyl stickers.

$4.25 (including postage in Canada)