Freight Toboggans

Premium Traditional Freight Toboggans
Hand made in Canada

Our freight toboggans are built with flexible quarter inch UV protected plastic, allowing the toboggan to adjust and glide over uneven terrain. Crossbars are locally sourced White Oak, hard, tough and naturally resistant to water and rot; these will take years of abuse.  Freight toboggans are available in High Impact Textured (HIT) High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE). The HIT HDPE is more flexible and durable than standard HDPEs and is textured on the top face, providing more grip for your gear. The UHMW-PE is our premium offering with unmatched durability, flex, wear resistance and extremely low friction. All of our toboggans come ready to go with stainless steel and solid brass hardware, webbing for gear lashing, pull lines / tump, a front haul loop and a tail line for easy downhill control…all you need is snow!

Total length (including curl), 9 feet with 8 feet of packable space.

Total weight, approximately 20 pounds.

HIT HDPE Freight Toboggan – $400

Premium UHMW-PE Freight Toboggan – $450