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Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. is a hobby gone too far.  What started off as finding a way to get into the woods during the winter months has turned into a passion for building top quality winter trekking equipment.  Unsatisfied with the limited availability on the market, we started designing and building freight toboggans for winter camping and traditional backcountry travel.  After years of designing, building and testing, we decided to open our doors and let people see what we’ve been up to.

At Whisky Jack Outdoor Co., we put in the time to do things right.  We not only design and build our equipment ourselves, we use it too.  We are proud of what we build, our love and passion for the outdoors drives who we are and what we do.  You’ll see that in the quality of our freight toboggans.

We’re located in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.  Send us a message if you’d like to stop in and see our work.

Freight Toboggan

Premium Traditional Freight Toboggans
Hand made in Canada

Our freight toboggans are built with quarter inch UV protected high density polyethylene (HDPE), allowing the toboggan to adjust and glide over uneven terrain. Crossbars are locally sourced White Oak, hard, tough and naturally resistant to water and rot; these will take years of abuse.  Freight toboggans are available in Standard HDPE or our Premium High Impact Textured (HIT) HDPE. The Premium HIT HDPE is more flexible, durable and is textured on the top face, providing more grip for your gear. All of our toboggans come ready to go with stainless steel and solid brass hardware, webbing for gear lashing, pull lines / tump, a front haul loop and a tail line for easy downhill control…all you need is snow!

Total length (including curl), 9 feet with 8 feet of packable space.

Total weight, approximately 20 pounds.

Standard Freight Toboggan – $350 CAD (**NO HST**)

Premium HIT Freight Toboggan – $395 CAD (**NO HST**)


Packing System

Toboggan Tanks

Battle the bulge with the Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. toboggan tanks!  Built with 1000D CORDURA® Nylon, these bags are built to fit on the Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. freight toboggan.  Designed with the classic open design, two flaps run lengthwise and two end flaps close over your gear using a webbing and G-hook closure and the toboggan lash strap to hold the tank to the toboggan.

Six foot toboggan tank – 153 L capacity – $195.00 (**NO HST**)

Custom sizes available, contact us for details

Toboggan Top Bags

Tired of unpacking your toboggan to pull out an extra sweater, lunch or your camera?  Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. toboggan top bags are the solution!  Built with 1000D CORDURA® Nylon, our top bags are designed to fit on-top of our toboggan tank and strap directly to the freight toboggan running lines using burly steel G-hooks.  A zippered closure allows for easy access to all the items you need during the day without having to remove the lashing.  Two sets of zips allow for easy access anywhere in the bag and a snow flap keeps the zippers free of ice build up. Available in four and six foot lengths.

Six foot top bags – 76 L capacity – $200 (**NO HST**)

Four foot top bag – 51 L capacity – $165 (**NO HST**)

Custom sizes available, contact us for details

Ice Chisel

The Whisky jack outdoor co. ice chisel

Ever use an ice chisel? They are the easiest way to get through ice to water, and our new chisel cuts through ice like butter. This tool isn’t just a regular piece of steel, built by local blacksmith the 2″ wide high carbon 5160 steel head is oil quenched and triple tempered for optimal hardness and edge retention. The tapered socket has 2 drilled holes to allow for a “keeper” nail or screw to keep the head where it belongs. Overall each chisel sits around 1kg. The handcrafted leather sheath fits snug. These heads are sold without a pole, allowing you to add your own handcrafted permanent pole or craft one as needed while in the bush.

$160.00 (**NO HST**)

Toboggan Accessories

Lashing System

Have a toboggan and need a lashing system?  We have kits for 8 and 10 foot toboggans including tail rings, webbing loops/rings, cam buckle straps and lash webbing.  All O-rings are solid brass and buckles are stainless steel with 1″ webbing

8 foot toboggan kit includes 2 tail rings, 2 cam buckle straps, 4 lash tabs/rings and 32 feet of webbing – $70.00 (**NO HST**)

10 foot toboggan kit includes 2 tail rings, 2 cam buckle straps, 6 lash tabs/rings and 40 feet of webbing – $85.00 (**NO HST**)

Lash Strap Slides

Need some extra lash points to strap down your load? We have solid brass O-ring slides ready to strap onto your running lines.  Simply attach these to the running lines using a prussic and slide them to where you need them.

Set of eight slides – $30.00 (**NO HST**)

Tump Strap/Line

Across your chest, over your shoulder or around your waist, however you haul, our tumps are a comfortable, simple and efficient way to do it.  The Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. tump strap kit includes a 4.5′ tump strap with solid brass D-rings and 21′ of 4mm cord.

$35.00 (**NO HST**)

Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. Stickers

Stickers! Who doesn’t like stickers? Water bottles, bumpers, gear, whatever! 3″ scratch resistant, weatherproof, dish washer safe vinyl stickers.

$4.25 (**NO HST**) including postage in Canada


For the last 25 years, I have built an outdoor education program at St. Francis Xavier University and in that time, I have experienced equipment failure, gear wearing out due to use, and gear stacked in the corner – no longer in use! A few years ago, I came across Whisky Jack Outdoor when I was in need of a replacement freight toboggan, from that point, Jon has become my primary supplier “for all things winter.” Jon assembles outdoor gear that, after repeated use, over 100’s of kms and hundreds of students, will not end up in the gear bin! The product quality and interest Jon takes in his customer’s needs brought me back with the intention of refreshing my entire program wintertrekking kit.

Andrew Foran – St. Francis Xavier University Outdoor Education

I used a Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. Freight Toboggan to cross Algonquin Provincial Park, over 10 days and 165k from February 2nd to the 11th, 2018.  They were tough, I mean super tough.  We had skis on and had to watch the toboggans slam in to 300 year old Yellow Birch trees at 30 km/h with a full load, square on!  Every time, they bounced off unscathed, with our load completely secured with their very efficient tank system.  The top tank allowed us to easily get to our day use things like food, axe and spare clothes.  I would buy another one, but I know I won’t have to because these things won’t wear out.  I recommend keeping these things in control as much as possible, but if they get loose on you, worry not, they’ll survive anything.  If you’re going out on a winter trek and need a toboggan system, look no further.

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