Early this season I found myself in need of new freight toboggans.  I spent a lot of time researching different models, styles etc etc.  It was just by chance that I had joined a new FB group which was all about winter camping and through that group I made an amazing discovery….Whisky Jack Outdoor Co.

They make toboggans….really freaking nice toboggans.

Instantly a few things jumped out at me and made me contact them.  Here they are in no particular order.

  • 100% Canadian with locally sourced product.
  • The craftsmanship is astounding, seriously take a look at the photos and their website. They really take pride in what they make.
  • They actually use their own products. In fact they just posted some photos from their latest Temagami trip.

Now that I actually have the toboggan in my possession I love it even more.  As my son says “holy Dad these things slide like snot” and it’s true.  They are made of one quarter inch UV protected high density polyethylene, and boy do they slide.  On a recent trip my partner had a six foot pulk she was pulling and she was amazed at how easy and effortless it was to slide my toboggan around even loaded down with all the gear I had compared to her set up.

It comes equipped with a lashing system which is effective and easy to use for loading everything you need onto your sled, or tying down unruly children.  The cross bars are locally sourced white oak.  Super strong and rot resistant they’ll last a lifetime.  From top to bottom they are a very well put together freight toboggan.

So if you’re in the market for a freight toboggan or even if you’re not but have some questions.  Make sure to contact Jon at Whisky Jack Outdoor Co..  They are our choice for freight toboggans and will be as long as he keeps making them.

Matt Olsen – Paddle In www.paddle-in.com

Here’s something Canadian-made.  Whisky Jack Outdoor Co., asked me to test out their handmade, custom-built freight toboggan and I have to say it’s got all the bells and whistles.  I love it.

The toboggan is quarter-inch, UV-protected high-density polyethylene, allowing the toboggan to adjust and glide over uneven terrain.  Crossbars are locally sourced white oak—hard, tough, naturally resistant to water and rot and attached by stainless steel screws.  Of course, that’s all normal for modern freight toboggans. Jon has added exceptional side lashing and straps to help tie in your gear.  This part is awesome, especially when your fingers are frozen and you’re having a hard time feeling each digit while yanking on rope and bungee cord.  The pull harness uses rope and wider nylon webbing, and the length of pull line is adjustable to suit personal preference, weather and terrain conditions.  There’s also a front haul loop and a tail line for easy downhill control.  Total length (including curl) is nine feet; weight, 20 pounds.

Kevin Callan – The Happy Camper kevincallan.com