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Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park

Finally made it out into the woods for a few days.  Ontario is an amazing place to explore in the winter months.  The woods are beautifully quiet and the scenery is stunning.  We spent three nights on the east side of QEII Wildlands Provincial Park and we’ll definitely be planning more trips to explore the area.


Freight Toboggan Packing System

Duffel bags, hockey bags, tarps, bungee cords, carabiners….we all pack our gear in different ways and hope it stays where it belongs.  If you are like me, I always find 5 minutes down the trail I have to stop to adjust everything I thought was strapped down solid when I left camp!  Having a water bottle held by a carabiner clipped to whatever you can clip it to, with a bungee cord holding your camera bag down and a duffel bag bulging over the side of the toboggan catching drag drives me crazy!

Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. is now offering a packing system designed with easy packing and efficiency in mind.  Toboggan tanks and top bags keep your gear in place, contained and packed properly.  Toboggan tanks allow you to load all of your camp gear and personal belongings you don’t need while trekking into a streamlined bag with an easy to use closure system.  Tanks are strapped down with the main lash line.  The top bags sit on-top of the tank and have their own straps fixed directly to the toboggan.  This allows access unhindered by the main lash strap.  The top bag is where your change of clothes, lunch, camera, first aid kit, drinks, maps, anything you need during the day gets packed.  No more unstrapping everything to find an extra pair of socks or dig out your camera!

Check out the webpage for more details on our new packing systems.


Crossing Algonquin 2018

3 guys, 2 weeks, 1 park.

Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. is a proud supporter of the upcoming Crossing Algonquin 2018 Expedition.  Starting in the south west corner of Algonquin Provincial Park, the team is going to head north east, through the park and finish the trip in Deux Rivieres, Ontario.  The trek is to celebrate the Parks 125th Anniversary and promote the parks backcountry as a place to explore and protect.

Along the way the team will be hauling their gear on our freight toboggans and using our new toboggan tanks and top bags.  We’re pretty excited to be a part of this trek and will be following along as the crew complete the ~150 kms of lakes, portages and trails.

Follow the journey on the Crossing Algonquin 2018 Facebook page!


Toboggan Accessories!

We now have toboggan accessories available including our tump straps and lashing gear!

Available soon we will have 6′ toboggan tanks and 6′ top bags available.  Both bags are made with 1000D Cordura and custom built to fit the Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. Freight Toboggan.   Tanks are approximately 150 L and top bags are approximately 95 L.  Contact us at for more details.


Ontario Winter Camping Symposium


We are very excited to be a sponsor of the 1st Annual Ontario Winter Camping Symposium!  Come and join us on November 25th at the University of Waterloo.  They have a great line up of speakers including Jim Baird, Kevin Callan, David Lee, Martin Pine, Marion and Duane Sonntag and Tierney Angus.  We’ll be there with some other fantastic vendors, stop in and say hello!

Find out more information at or check out the Facebook page for the latest details.

Tickets are available here, get them before they are gone!

New logo released!

Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. Logo

Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. (18x24) 3

Now that the winter season has wrapped up, I’ve had some time to work on the new Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. logo.  I’m definitely better at building freight toboggans than I am designing logos, but I’m pretty happy with the final result!  What do you think?

Most of us are busy preparing for our first canoe trips here in Ontario (myself included), I’m very excited to get out on the water and into the backcountry.

Ever look at maps of your favourite areas and wonder what it would be like to experience them after a deep freeze in the winter?  I’m planning summer trips but can’t help but file away some possible routes to try in the winter!  Plan early and experience the most out of every season!

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Had an amazing trip testing the latest toboggan in Temagami.  We hauled through all kinds of weather, snow conditions and terrain.  We saw everything from slush, standing water, sticky wet snow, beautiful crust and at last hard wind-swept ice (Guess what our favourite for pulling through was!)  Our freight toboggans were ready for more long after we had exhausted ourselves.

Tired of waiting for summer to arrive to get back into the woods, get out and enjoy winter camping with a Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. Freight Toboggan.  Explore More.

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Finally some snow!

Finally managed to get out of the shop long enough to take one of the newly designed toboggans for a run on some fresh snow. It glided beautifully, even in some slushy conditions.  Looking to Explore more this winter? Be sure to check us out.

#nature #winter #outdoors #getoutdoors #lovewinter #wintercamping #simplyadventure #wildernessculture #hiking #lifeofadventure #liveoutdoors #goexplore #lovelifeoutside #camping #freighttoboggan