Christina Scheuermann – Camper Christina

Going out into the backcountry in the winter, most times solo, I need the best gear possible for the job.  My Whisky Jack toboggan is exactly that.  What I love most about it, is that it is super slippery and extremely durable.  When I’m heading into the backcountry in the cold and snow by myself with my hot tent, I have a pretty heavy load to pull for just one person.  With this toboggan, however, it’s so much easier because the material it’s made out of just glides along on top of the snow with little effort.  The rigging which allows you to secure your gear to the toboggan is top notch and easy to use and you can be confident knowing everything you start out on your journey with, will successfully make it to the end, and nothing will fall off or get lost along the way.  Made in Canada, these quality made toboggans are a joy to use for anyone heading out on a backcountry winter trip.  In the time I’ve owned mine, it has become one of my most loved and favorite pieces of gear.